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LP: exclusive edition, pink vinyl
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Press release/bio (click for download)
All photos are downloadable 300 dpi
Photos by Magnus Carlsson
Press agent:
Terrorbird Media
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Switch your phone off, log out, leave for the day, open the windows, pull your socks off, follow the kids, steal a cookie, run and hide, join The Thief Bunnies, beware of The Kribblers. Never forget the password.

Put your bandit mask on, run into the forest, smell the air, listen to the animals, lay down in the moss and let them find you and say ”Hi, now’s the time”. Climb a high tree, never step on a snail.

Follow the kids, again, puddle splash, skid your bike. 

Forget everything you are supposed to remember.

Never ask why.


Malva Quartet:

      Linnea Hällqvist - Violin

      Knapp Brita Pettersson - Violin

      Maria Jonsson - Viola

      Maja Molander - Cello

Linnea Olsson - Cello (The Thief Bunny Society, Undertow)

Nils Berg - Clarinet, Bass Clarinet (The Thief Bunny Society, The Constant…)

Johanna Dahl - Cello (The Sloth (Cello Canon))

Per Störby Jutbring - Grand piano, upright piano, celesta, organ, synths, electronics

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