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An audio visual performance with music by 

The Thief Bunny Society Concert is an audio visual performance in the post classic context of Störby Jutbrings minimalistic style, in which the piano carries a distinct identity throughout, amongst strings, synths, electronics, texts, film, set design and video mapping.

This concert is focused around the theme and music of  Störby Jutbrings fifth solo album The Thief Bunny Society, and it also contains material from his other solo albums. Performed by Störby Jutbring, The Malva Quartet, the visual artist Johannes Ferm Winkler, sound designer Johan Adling and light designer Marta Kohmenko, containing video mapping, light and sound design, and recorded material of dancers and actors. Visuals are projected on a back screen, a front screen and a silk feather fabric blown up in the air by six fans. The performance is directed by Dramatens (theatre of Ingmar Bergman) Peder Bjurman.

"Forget everything you are supposed to remember
Never ask why"


Sound from camera, in mono (= not good 🤩)


(for booking)

Length: 90 min

Stage minimum size: W7 x D5 x H6 meters


Tour party, 8 participants:

5 musicians

1 Video/visuals design

1 Light design

1 Sound design



The show contains music from Per Störby Jutbrings catalogue. It spans from film music, solo piano, string quartets, piano/cello-duo, electronic, minimalistic, neo classic, slow ambient music and fast expressionistic, to contemporary alternative pop. Everything in a post classic context.


Light design contains a warm ”room” with lampshades, mixed with industrial light bulbs, and light design from the hanging lights and smoke.


Visuals are projected on a back screen, a motorized front screen, and a thin silk fabric which is attached to the floor and blown up in the air by six fans.

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Emelie Molander - Violin

Knapp Brita Pettersson - Violin

Maria Jonsson - Viola

Maja Molander - Cello

Per Störby Jutbring - Piano, electronics, synths, vocal etc

Johannes Ferm Winkler - Film/visuals

Directed by Peder Bjurman

Sound design by Johan Adling

Light design by Marta Khomenko



The show follows the theme of Per Störby Jutbrings album ”The Thief Bunny Society”, which is squarely focused around childhood, the mysterious, unexplainable and magic childhood; and invites the audience to take a break from the everyday life, to slow down, take a deep breath, climb a high tree and start the game.


We take off in the early morning, in the city, and going through a journey, deeper and deeper into the mysterious woods, with strange creatures, and ending in the waves of the ocean.


The visuals mixes the abstract and concrete. We have one very emotional ”vintage style" video with a kid just learned to ride a bike. We’re showing a short film on the front screen, like a cinema, about a person in his everyday life, with a voice-over, forgetting everything he’s supposed to do on his way to work, comic and realistic, after a while developing into a dance, an escapists day-dream, accompanied by the musicians.


The project is able to get support from the Swedish Arts Council for travel costs, and misc production costs.

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