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Per Störby Jutbring has produced and composed 18 albums, toured the world with his band New Tide Orquesta, made pop hits as Zeigeist, and composed for a wide array of media and genres. Currently his work is stylized by its blend of traditional orchestration with contemporary electronic elements, drawing on minimalism.

Swedish composer and multiinstrumentalist Per Störby Jutbring has worked in an inspiring broad range of styles. His work covers chamber music, string orchestra, choir, jazz, world, folk, pop, electro etc. In combination with his skills in electronic gear, analog synths, acoustic instruments, ensemble performance, and his substantial craft of music, he possesses a unique creative force.


Störby Jutbring has toured extensively all over the world and his work has been presented at venues like National Grand Theatre in Beijing, Contemporary Arts Center in New Orleans, Festival Internacional de Inverno in Brazil, among others. In 2013 Störby Jutbring was awarded composer of the year by SKAP – The Swedish Society of Songwriters, Composers and Authors. He has also won several prizes at the Manifest gala (Swedish indie grammy), Swedish Folk- and World-gala, got grants from STIM, and has also been supported yearly by the Swedish Arts Council and Swedish Arts Grants Committee.

Born and raised in the small town of Falkenberg by the sea on the west coast of Sweden, he later moved to Gothenburg, lived for a while in Berlin and is nowadays based in Stockholm. He learned piano at age 10 and studied jazz piano, improvisation and ensemble. 1996 he started the highly acclaimed chamber ensemble New Tango Orquesta, nowadays New Tide Orquesta, in which he compose all music and plays the tricky and rare instrument Bandoneon. They have released eight albums, toured and performed all around the world, participated in a lot of TV- and radio shows, and joined dance performances.


Störby Jutbring also started the artist collective Zeigeist, with an intention to mix art, music, fashion, theatre and design within the context of pop culture. He produced and composed electronic pop tracks and 2007 Zeigeist released the album The Jade Motel , 2 EPs and some singles. The leaked demo of his ”Tar Heart” were placed on Pitchforks list The Top 100 Tracks of 2006. They produced some remarkable arty performances, with gigantic snow bubbles, squirting blood, confetti and stages wrapped in plastic etc. When the group split up, Störby Jutbring, who made all the music in Zeigeist, continued with his next electronic project Pearl Fiction and released the album Painted Wolf and some singles, via his own label Bibbi Records in collaboration with SONY..

Störby Jutbring has composed music for films, for Oscar and Bafta Award winner ”Searching For Sugarman”, among others, and for TV and radio. He also composed for theatre, at Stockholm City Theatre and Swedish National Theatre and others; and for dance performances, the last time with SBDNY, USA.

Störby Jutbring has also made numerous collaborations with other artists within the range of Swedish legends Povel Ramel, Sven-Bertil Taube and folk singer Lena Willemark to extraordinary pop acts Laleh, and The Sound Of Arrows. He also appears as a musician and singer on numerous albums.



• Per studied piano from age 10 and studied improvisation and jazz piano at the folk high school in Skurup.

• Per is playing several instruments, including the tricky Bandoneon – the small accordion-like ”box” with nearly as many notes as on two pianos but placed randomly on two sides, one for each hand.😬

• PSJ has released 18 albums, 2 EPs, 18 singles and 2 books with sheet music.

• The DANCE OF THE DIAPER FAIRY video – shot, directed and edited by PSJ, and featuring his first born in a dolls house – won the prize “Video of the year 2014” at the Swedish Manifest gala.

• PSJ’s song Tar Heart (Zeigeist) was voted as one of the best songs of 2006 by Pitchfork, together with Prince, Beyoncé among others.

• Vegan.

• PSJ had a ”music gallery” in Gothenburg, together with Lisa Nordström from Midaircondo, where once visiting touring musicians made workshops.

• PSJ has contributed as a composer, producer, remixer and musician on about 50 albums and singles, and taken part in around 50 different theatre-plays, composed music for approx 30.

• PSJ has performed as a musician/singer with Frida Hyvönen, Mattias Alkberg, Erik Enocksson, Johann Johannsson, Juvelen, Niki And The Dove, Povel Ramel, Sven-Bertil Taube, Midaircondo, Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra, Dalasinfoniettan, Bohuslän Big Band among others.

• Hosted a popular family/kid podcast 2012-14, together with his wife the Swedish TV/Radio host Kitty Störby Jutbring, discussing gender equality within a family, etc.

• New Tide Orquesta has released 9 albums and 1 book with sheet music.

• Have three kids, together with Kitty Störby Jutbring: Nikki-Lo, Kimmi-Kid and Jim-Jim.

• Living in Stockholm, Sweden.

Per Störby Jutbring – painting by Kitty Störby Jutbring
Per Störby Jutbring, post classic composer
Electro pop act Zeigeist, Per Störby Jutbring, Mattias Brunn, Maria Nordström
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