Switch your phone off, log out, leave for the day, open the windows, pull your socks off, follow the kids, steal a cookie, run and hide, join The Thief Bunnies, beware of The Kribblers. Never forget the password.
Put your bandit mask on, run into the forest, smell the air, listen to the animals, lay down in the moss and let them find you and say ”Hi, now’s the time”. Climb a high tree, never step on a snail.
Follow the kids 
puddle splash 
skid your bike 
Forget everything you are supposed to remember
Never ask why
An audio visual performance with music by Per Störby Jutbring

The Thief Bunny Concert is an audio visual performance in the post classic context of Störby Jutbrings minimalistic style, in which the piano carries a distinct identity throughout, amongst strings, electric guitar, synths, electronics, texts, film and video mapping.

This concert is focused around the theme and music of  Störby Jutbrings fifth solo album The Thief Bunny Society, and it also contains some material from previously solo albums. Performed by PSJ, The Malva Quartet, Swedish guitarist Daniel Ögren and the visual artist Johannes Ferm Winkler, containing video mapping and recorded material of dancers and actors.

"the sweepingly beautiful third single “The Lynx, The Fawn and The Squirrel” which is the type of piece that you want to rip the headphones off, turn the volume up and let the music reach every corner of the room and fill it up.”

Drifting Almost Falling

”If I had to recommend a song for bedtime, it would be ‘The Lynx, The Fawn, The Squirrel’.


”It’s a psychological space that represents a freedom that can’t be taken away from you. ”

Queen City Sounds and Art

”Une nouvelle merveille néo-classique magnifiquement orchestrée, à savourer pour voyager les yeux fermés.” (”A new wonderfully orchestrated neo-classical wonder, to be enjoyed while traveling with your eyes closed.”



Per Störby Jutbring’s ‘Braids’ is a vibrant, richly layered and carefully orchestrated piece of music that threads minimal, pulsating spacey synths through expansive orchestral strings, intending to sweep its listener out of the monotony and stresses of day to day living and remember to really feel and live in the moment. It’s the soothing hot drink in your favourite chair after a long day, it’s the crunch of an autumn leaf, the crisp bite of winter air, the sound of falling rain, the sun’s warm kisses on on your face, the smile from a loved one that makes your heart swell, the first bite of your favourite food, the risk you take that finally pays off. It’s the things and people and places we find solace in that we take for granted. It’s magic.” When The Horn Blows